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Wearables Could Replace Smartphones Sooner Than You Think

Smart watches, wireless headphones, and rumored smart glasses may soon mean you won't even need a smartphone.

Source: Tom's Guide

As AR technology advances, we see wearables heavily reducing the need for direct use of smartphones, and maybe even the need to have them at all. We are already seeing the beginning of this trend with Apple Watch and AirPods. If you have an Apple Watch, you've probably stopped checking your phone every time you get a text. You just check your watch and with some help from Siri you can even respond to the text without even touching your phone. This feature along with a variety of others have already replaced many of the common uses of smartphones. Airpods also do much more than allow you to listen to music. With Siri in your ear you can also send and receive messages, take phone calls, and even do quick internet searches all via voice commands.

The next step in this trend will even further integrate people with technology as we see things like smart glasses. There are rumors that both Apple and Google are currently working on projects involving AR glasses.

Source: Chris Till

This could be the product that makes smartphones completely obsolete. With these glasses everything from internet search results to maps and directions could be displayed right in front of your eyes. The imagery on your glasses could even interact with the objects in front of you by labeling objects or showing you where you need to make your next turn to get to your destination. Many people will still probably opt to have a smartphone over the next few years but as these new products improve and become more economic we believe that smartphones could begin to phase out as early as 2025 as we enter the world of augmented reality. #aapl #wearables #appleglass #apple #ar #smartglasses

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